Business Development Advisor - Estrie / Montérégie

March 28, 2019

Looking for a job in the region of Estrie or Montérégie and your assertive personality is coupled with a great ability to listen. In addition, you are passionate about sales, you like to advise others and you are results-oriented, look no further, we have a job for you. We are currently looking for a Business Development Advisor at Novo SST.

Responsibilities Solicit clients by various means (telephone, computer (Internet), visits to companies, etc.) Prospect, maintain and cultivate a network of contacts in the industry through of visits, congresses, exhibitions and other steps See the management of the complete sales cycle of its customers and associations Propose visibility strategies through our various advertising and event products

Skills Selling is a field job that requires renewed enthusiasm and energy.

To do this, the candidate must:

demonstrate a high level of autonomy, tenacity and interpersonal skills ability to develop business and establish a relationship of trust with clients have demonstrated his skills in the sale of consulting services demonstrate a great determination to achieve the sales objectives understand the needs of the customer and have the concern of customer service have a pronounced sense of work organization (rigor, discipline and follow-up) have excellent teamwork, analysis and communication skills have an initiative to be flexible in carrying out his work having a positive attitude

Requirements Have a minimum of three (3) years experience in sales Knowledge of mutuals prevention (an asset) Mobility in different regions of Quebec (notably Estrie, Montérégie and Montreal) Variable work schedules Knowledge of English (an asset) Comfortable with computers

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