Customer Relationship Agent

June 29, 2022

A real estate organization is looking for a customer relations agent to complete its team for its offices located in Little Italy.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities:

-Carries out announcements, implements rental strategies and documentation of procedures in collaboration with management, and proceeds to appointments and rental visits of housing in order to optimize occupancy rates.

-Updates lists of interest and requests for change of accommodation.

-Prepares and makes notices of lease renewal according to the rates of increase and other planned modifications, all within the specified deadlines.

-Participates individually and in a team, on an ongoing basis, in an optimization of the ways of doing things and the update of the processes that affect his/her work.

-Collects rents, prepares and makes bank deposits and charges them to the accounting system. Follows up on accounts receivable and collects if necessary from tenants.

-Administers and reports on petty cash, opens accounts with suppliers, performs necessary audits and updates control systems according to established policies. Assists management in budget planning and monitoring.

-Ensures the entry and updating of data necessary for the effective management of activities (service contracts, suppliers).

-Responds to customer requests. Prepares rental and management reports.

-Manages at the first level all neighborhood complaints and claims related to the rental of housing according to regulations, standards, procedures and various programs (e.g. notice and telephone discussion, formal notice, reflection on possible solutions, etc.).

-Acts as an agent of the organization at the Régie du logement in disputed cases and acts as a witness as the case may be.

-Ensures the administrative preparation of the disputed files for a hearing.

Minimum academic training required:

Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in a discipline oriented towards office work (e.g. office automation, accounting, etc.) or relevant training and experience.

Minimum general knowledge required and profile sought:

-Possess a high knowledge of office automation and common software (Excel, Outlook, Word).

-Have an excellent knowledge of spoken French.

-Be able to write, in fault-free French, correspondence, reports, recommendations, etc.

-Have a good knowledge of spoken and written English.

-Master simple mathematics.

-Know how to provide excellent customer service while ensuring compliance with the rules.

-Be autonomous and resourceful.

-Be a warm, pleasant, calm, honest and discreet person, capable of empathy, patient, who establishes good contacts.

-Experience in sales and marketing (an asset).

Do you have an excellent sense of customer service in addition to being comfortable with office tools? Do you enjoy working with people of all ages and have a good ability to accomplish a large volume of work? You are the person we are looking for!

As an equal opportunity employer, Personnel Alter Ego values diversity in its workforce and seeks to ensure all groups remain fairly represented. Candidates must have the legal right to work in Canada.

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