Financial Security Advisor (Intrapreneur)

March 31, 2020

An INTRAPRENEUR Financial Security Advisor’s primary role is to serve its clients.

He develops business relationships and potential client approaches to help them cope with a variety of happy events – such as a wedding, birth, or home purchase – or unforeseen events, such as a work stoppage related to the illness. All events that may change their financial situation. Customer follow-up is a priority! The INTRAPRENEUR advisor thus becomes a valuable resource person, or even an irreplaceable ally on whom his clients can always rely.

You need autonomy, do you think that the remuneration must be related to the efforts provided and that any career must make live a human experience out of the ordinary?You are probably an intrapreneur and you do not did not know, if the result also sticks to your profile, then APPLY!

Being an intrapreneur will also allow you to:

  • have a flexible schedule
  • to be supported by a team of experienced specialists
  • receive specialized and ongoing training
  • a income above average
  • to give free rein to your creativity
  • to contribute to the enrichment of people
  • to take advantage of a program of recognition of success
  • all in a stimulating, innovative and constantly changing environment

To be successful, here are the main tasks to accomplish:

  • Achieving the client’s financial goals
  • Solution planning
  • Popularization and explanation of financial jargon
  • Follow-up of the customer’s financial situation
  • Development of a customer network
  • What qualities are necessary to perform the tasks correctly?
  • Human: easy to establish professional contacts
  • /> Comprehensive: active listening and analytical skills
  • Positive: setting goals, constant desire
  • Persevering: working diligently and regularly
  • Ambitious: in constant search of ways to grow your customer base

The course:To become a financial security advisor, you will need to obtain the PQAP certification.Do not be afraid! The Capital will be at your side for a personalized tutorial to obtain your license.Then, with your license in hand, La Capitale will be there to evaluate and develop your market, give you training and coaching

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