Sales Advisor - Painting

June 18, 2019

Do you have an interest in helping people realize their decoration project? Would you like to work for the most important painting center in the region? You are skilled and gifted to advise both individuals and professional painters in their selection of products and accessories for painting and dyeing? Do you like challenges? Do you like to evolve within a dynamic and growing company and have a lot of autonomy? If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are the ideal person for this opportunity!

Located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Alexandre Luminaire - Painter's Center is a company that has been working for more than 15 years in the fields of painting as well as lighting, blinds and decorative items. Offering the widest variety of paint products and accessories, as well as decoration and lighting products in Valleyfield, the company has earned a reputation of choice in service and satisfaction with its loyal private clientele. and professional painters.


Under the responsibility of the Branch Manager, the incumbent will have the primary responsibility for providing customer service advice on painting and coloring by offering different paint and stain based products. customer needs. In addition, you can also offer a wide variety of accessories related to painting and dyeing, regardless of the type of project to achieve and / or the quantities requested. More specifically, the incumbent will have the following responsibilities:

· Welcoming customers and allowing them to visit the store at their own pace;

· Engage in conversation with clients when needed to ensure they understand their needs and tastes / goals in terms of paint and colors;

· Adequately and proactively advise customers to direct them to the best products that can meet their expectations across all available lines while staying on budget;

· Ensure a pleasant shopping experience at all levels for customers up to the conclusion of the sale;

· Ensure adequate information regarding, among other things, the measurements and conditions of the surfaces to be painted / dyed, in order to avoid errors in the selection of the products / accessories to be used as well as during the preparation of the paint and color blends;

· Conclude the sale and payment taking to customers using point-of-sale systems when needed;

· Ensure an adequate and optimal presentation of the products in store based among other seasonal products and / or promotions in progress;

· Carry out follow-ups with customers who ordered personalized products when received in store;

· Participate in the maintenance of in-store color displays and promotional posters when needed;

· Performing tests and calibrations necessary to determine color equivalence between different brands of paints / stains;

· Assist the decorative products sales team whenever possible and according to the specific needs of the store;

· Perform any other necessary tasks tothe proper operation of the store.


· Sales experience and customer service in relevant fields, ideally in the retail trade related to painting, hardware, building materials, decoration, furniture or interior design;

· Good ability to manage customer advice and sales combined with computer order entry, paint preparation and color blending in a multi-client context during the busiest period

· Availability to work evenings and weekends based on a schedule rotation between all employees;

· Good ability to work in a computerized point-of-sale environment to accept all types of payment;

· Turning to customer satisfaction;

· Good team spirit combined with good judgment;

· Good interpersonal skills combined with good interpersonal skills;

· Demonstrate a passion for sales and customer relationship development;

· Professional and neat presentation;

· French required and English desired.

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