Support service manager

January 20, 2020

Present in the community for more than 40 years, Accès Bénévolat's mission is to promote and develop volunteer action in the various sectors of human activity by promoting a space for volunteer engagement around social and community issues. . Its intervention zones cover nine boroughs in the east of Montreal as well as the city of Montreal-East.

SUMMARY OF THE FUNCTION Under the authority of the general management , the person in charge of the support service coordinates the provision of voluntary support services, with or without a car, to adults with loss of autonomy who require this service for their medical appointments. She assumes the administrative organization of the service.

RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS Coordination of the service  Receives and processes requests for support from health establishments and services social and community organizations. Assess the need with a view to providing an appropriate response; organizes transportation and assigns appropriate volunteer resources.  Maintains quality communications with organizations, volunteers and beneficiaries. Respect the confidentiality of the information entrusted to it.  Ensures the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the service. As appropriate, put in place the appropriate means.  Recruit, select and inform volunteers about the program and the requirements of the task; performs the necessary checks on the volunteer in order to ensure the safety of users.  Forms, supervises and coordinates volunteers who perform tasks that support the activities of his service.  Provides the information and support that can facilitate the integration and engagement of volunteers.  Supervise the activities of volunteer human resources attached to the support service. Reasonably ensures the safety of volunteer staff in the performance of their duties.

Administrative management  Maintains and compiles data relating to the transportation performed by each volunteer ; prepares billing to organizations; verifies the claims of the volunteers and prepares the requests for reimbursement of the expenses which they incurred.  Treats the maintenance of the computer files of the volunteers, beneficiaries and organizations requesting services.  Compiles the statistics on the activity of volunteers, beneficiaries of the program, requests from organizations, services rendered and any other statistics required.  Write and update the procedures relating to the operation of its service (user manual of the database, manual of functions).  Writes the monthly and annual reports of its service. Representation  Represent Access Volunteering with organizations using the service and associated groupings for questions within its competence.  Sits on concertation tables and committees in connection with the support service. Promotion of volunteering t  With the help of the communications officer, thinks about the strategies to promote the support service and their implementation.  Participates in the organization and animation of campaigns information and recruitment of volunteer guides (volunteers' lounge, kiosks, information sessions for target audiences) and activities to promote volunteering (volunteer action week, international volunteering day). >  Collaborates in recognition activities for volunteers registered in thesupport service.

Miscellaneous  Performs any other task relevant to his function.  Performs, at the request of his superior, any other task in the interest of the operation of the organization according to its skills.

PERSONAL QUALITIES AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS  Excellent listening skills with seniors and volunteers, demonstrating flexibility and discernment.  Have a marked interest in interpersonal relationships. Be very comfortable interacting by phone and email. Good customer service skills.  Ability to be confronted with emotionally charged situations, to work under pressure, punctually, and to manage stress, by facing simultaneous demands.  Strong interest in planning. Good ability to prioritize and manage emergencies.  Have democratic leadership in the interest of the service.  Have a cooperative spirit. Ability to solicit the team to ask for help or solutions.  Patience, courtesy and discretion.  Very good knowledge of the territory served and the health sector.  Ability to use the Office suite, the Internet and be comfortable with a database.  Autonomous person who knows how to be discerning and who appreciates teamwork.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS  College or university diploma in human sciences (Social intervention, health, gerontology).  A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience.  Mastery of French spoken and written.  Functional English.

POST STATUS  Permanent position, 28 hours / week  Salary: $ 18.30 / h  Benefits: Group RRSP  Starting date: as soon as possible, no later than January 30, 2020

People interested in money All candidates are invited to send a letter of motivation and their curriculum vitae to the attention of Tatiana Carol, Director General, by email before Friday January 24, 2020 at noon.

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