Director of parts department

MAIN DUTIES are listed below, but the incumbent may be assigned to other duties.

o Establish the objectives of your department in collaboration with your superior and achieve them.

o Manage the annual operating budget of your department.

o Monitor the reports and sales productivity of your department. Develop and use a sales loss tracking report for your service.

o Analyze monthly reports relating to sales, expenses and inventory to ensure profitability objectives.

o Manage the “merchant” wholesale parts sales program to achieve profits.

o Maintain a balanced inventory, consistent with the needs of after-sales service, wholesale customers and the public. Monitor and adjust inventory to minimize obsolescence.

o Ensure that the parts inventory corresponds to ____ bearings per year.

o Collaborate with the after-sales service director and accounting to ensure the efficient turnover of parts necessary to carry out work internally.

o Ensure that the same high level of quality of service granted to external customers is also granted to the dealership's internal customers.

o Handle customer complaints immediately, as directed by the Dealer and/or General Manager.

o Ensure effective communications within your department as well as with other departments. Seek harmony and team spirit with all other departments.

o Maintain meetings with service and parts representative(s). Ensure we have active representation of our sector of activity with a return on investment.

o Ensures the development of the parts distribution network, which generates profits and profitability.

Tasks related to purchasing and pricing:

o Maintain an effective inventory management system (special orders, part returns, rush orders, promotions, seasonal orders, etc.).

o Track, calculate and record the dollar value of rush orders and the resulting accumulation of obsolescence losses on a monthly basis.

o Track, calculate and record monthly the dollar value of non-standardized orders and the resulting additional cost of sales.

o Reduce non-standardized orders when a replacement product is available, while taking into account the level of service.

o Order parts. Seek to obtain volume discounts based on needs and established inventory level.

o Ensure all orders are stored and recorded as directed.

o Manage parts purchases via sources other than the manufacturer.

o Make sure at all times to find parts in stock or locate them via various sources (manufacturer, dealer or others).

o Establish pricing parameters that generate gross profits large enough to achieve satisfactory profits for each category of customers.

o Maintain the parts price list.

Tasks related to administrative monitoring:

o Track and review billing, accounts receivable, claims and credits for accuracy.

o Ensure that all parts are correctly labeled so that the dealer can receive full credits from the manufacturer and/or supplier.

o Ensure credits are given for returned parts.

o Manage part returns and remove them from inventory when credits are granted.

o Track the parts to be replaced (under warranty) and the parts to return according to the manufacturer's requirements.

o Reconcile the inventory and send a copy to accounting at the end of the month.

o Provide at the end of the month, to the accounting department, information relating to appreciation and depreciation.

o Provide the accounting department with information relating to complaints in a timely manner in order to establish the list of customer accounts.

o Manage shipping and receiving activities to ensure timely processing.

o Establish and enforce prevention measures against theft in the parts department.

o Manage the annual inventory of parts.

Tasks related to human resources management:

o Carry out formal performance evaluations of the staff under your responsibility at fixed intervals.

o Train and motivate the staff under his responsibility and participate in the hiring of his staff in collaboration with his superior.

o Encourage teamwork in a customer-focused sales environment throughout the sales, delivery and follow-up processes.

Miscellaneous tasks:

o Participate in the management of the building according to management directives.

o Participate in directors’ meetings.

o Present yourself in a professional manner.

o Perform other functions as required and directed by management.

Job type: Full-time, Permanent

Remuneration: $20.00 to $30.00 per hour

Expected hours: 40 per week


  • Study Scholarships
  • Paid leave
  • RVER
  • Parking on site

Working hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday
  • 8 Hours

Types of additional pay:

  • Fees

Position location: Face-to-face

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